About Us

TARTI was founded in 1998, has brought many experiences together for many years, and TARTI has achieved a professionalism of 20 years.

TARTI, our name is since 1998, has been in the same management structure since 2002, the brands we represent are the same, our patents are the same and we are qualified to serve our customers.

TARTI provides to progress with new innovations and increase in quality level. "Customize" products that have been sold in accordance with customer and market needs.

 TARTI will always live with their name, not by trying to cover what they can not do, but by adding value and development  that they value.

TARTI's passion, value-added understanding and innovative structure have added to its importing character, ARGE and Private manufacturer character, which has increased from software to a manufacturer of many equipment

We are well aware that TARTI can have a solution for those customers who want to be a customer and customers who are active in TARTI, knowing that the key character of the TARTI brand is "problem solving ability", and TARTI's customers are also so ...


Offering a service approach that respects the values ​​of society within the concept of total quality in contemporary standards to the HEALTH and SPORTs which is one of the most important values ​​of human,


To integrate the most advanced technology with expert staff, to provide a sample, common, integrated service that can reach to large masses and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.